Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Days..... Happy Gaming

Ok, the best day to game is a Saturday the sun is shining. No school or work (maybe). So you could have a gamer party for your B-day, New years, or any other holiday that would go good with this topic.

How to have a Gamer Party

Food....... No gamer could be with out chips, pizza, and  soda

Cake........ For the cake you could cut a shape like a controller and decorate Then refrigerate for about one hour.

The games....... For a game party you should buy lots of games. Or if you have games already that would work too.

Decorations...... Dec out your house with CDs, old game cases, streamers, and game posters.

Music....... Just do your favorite cd.

That is a short and simple way to have a great Saturday. (that rhymed lol)

Enjoy :D  

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