Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi and first game post is Catan

Basically I play a lot of games. I will show u all the tips and tricks of all sorts of kid friendly games.
ages 12 & up. 2-4 players 

Catan is a stimulation sort of game. The board game comes with

19 terrain hexes (tiles),
6 sea frame pieces
 9 harbor pieces
18 circular number tokens (chits),
95 resource cards (grain, lumber, wool and brick),
25 development cards(14 knight/soldiers cards,6 progress cards, 5 victory cards )
4 "building cost" cards
2 special cards "longest road" & "largest army"
16 city (4 of each color & shaped like churches)
20 settlements ( 5 of each color basically houses)
60 roads (15 of each color)
2 dice (red and yellow)
1 robber
1 game rules & almanac booklet

This game is really fun if you're in to monopoly
I suggest you try it out :)

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