Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Facebook games

Facebook games, TONS and tons of them like Cityville, Farmville,  FARKLE, AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
Those are my favorite three games on Facebook.

My friends are always helpful when it comes to Cityville. This game is where you are the owner of a city. You can build  businesses, houses, and decorations (for regular days or holidays). On holidays you can change the themes of  your city. You can  give gifts to your friends and family and they might send one back to you.

I'm very competitive so I like to win at Farkle (pretty funny name). This game is where you have 3 pairs of dice and you role them to get certain matches to win.

Farmville is a game I like to play alone (I feel its more fun that way). Farmville is where you grow crops and earn money so you can decorate your farm, buy more animals and crops, and buy outfits.

 I also sometimes play Petville. That game is where you create a pet and take care of it. I don't think it can die (that's good). You can wash it, feed it, play games with it (really fun).
And that's four games I play most ;D

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