Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This family game is very silly.  You do the most random things to win like (Find a bucket, bowl, helmet, or some other similar item, put it on your head and bang on it with a spoon saying "hey bobby let me in!!!").

There are four different game cards. The blue cards are the Roolz that is where your card can effect the whole game. Green is Quizzle. This is where you answer questions that the other player asks. Yellow & Purple are Stunts and Show Biz. That's where the really goofy things come in. Last but not least is red,
called the Scatterbrains. This is where you shout out things that have to do with the topic. If you don't say it fast enough, you loose.

 The game characters include  Super Ninja Monkey ( looks as described), The dude, Mr. Lugnut,
Queen Spatula, The Platypus, Batbilig Chinzorig, Mrs. Pickle Feather, and Biscuit Farmer.

I love this game! You all should check it out.

Ages 12 & up. 2-8 players.


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